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WhatsApp Upcoming Features (2020)

Multiple device support

WhatsApp has been testing more than one device support for months. Once enabled, the function will allow customers log-in to their WhatsApp account in multiple device on the same time. Currently, customers can log-in to their WhatsApp account on a single device. Once the same account is logged into some other device, it robotically logs out of the primary device.

WhatsApp QR code

WhatsApp is working on a brand new function that will allow you to upload new contacts just through scanning a QR code. Users can be able to show their personal contact QR code in addition to scan the QR code of others to add them to their contacts. The function is already to be had in beta variations of each the Android and iOS systems and predicted to roll out to strong variations soon enough.

Self-destructing messages

This is but any other function that is within side the works for a long time. Just the manner WhatsApp Stories or Status disappear after 24 hours, users will quickly be capable of send messages that will disappear robotically after a fixed time period. The self-destructing or disappearing messages function has been renamed to Delete Messages and it's far predicted to return back to stable version soon enough.

In-app browser

WhatsApp has been working on an in-app browser function to be able to permit customers open links despatched over chats in the messaging software while not having to redirect to the internet browser. The in-app browser function minimises the time to open links. It is to be had in a number of apps such as Twitter and LinkedIn and predicted to work in the same way.

Last seen for select friends

WhatsApp presently permits customers to share their last seen status with “contacts”, “everyone”, or no one. At the moment, you can not share your last visible status with pick out few friends, however WhatsApp is working on a function so that it will assist you to do simply that.

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